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My next competition is the Asian Weightlifting Championships to be held in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, April 2012

    Social Vision is donating towards my trip, helping me cover the remainder not collected from donations and apparel proceeds.
    Total collected so far: $752 (updated April 13, 2012)

Please contact me if you can help contribute towards this trip.  Thank you

  • Dr. Susan Kaiser, a Professor in Women and Gender Studies at the University of California in Davis has donated $100. She is writing a book; Fashion and Cultural Studies, to be published by Berg in London in late 2012 or early 2013. It will contain a picture of me competing and will include my story, as she explains “as a brief case study of the interplay between identity/agency and cultural regulation– and how individual agency and identity issues can successfully challenge cultural regulation of style-fashion-dress.”
  • My good friend from high school, Mary Lewis has donated $25. She owns a business; Just Bead It! which specializes in handcrafted beaded jewelry and hair accessories.  My friend from my undergrad days at UCF, Saadia Qureshi, donated $20.
  • A gift of $27 from a brother who wishes to remain anonymous. And another brother donated $250 with the same wish.
  • Alix Floyd a fellow weightlifter at SAP Gym in Seoul, Korea (she is originally from Texas) donated $140.  She is going to attend the games and watch me compete!
  • My fellow Crossfit Atlanta gym members:  Leeanna Lim $100, Leslie Kali Eason $50 & Dan Antonelli $20, Kenley Osborne $20

List of expenses (competition, travel, equipment, etc.) can be provided upon request.

Examples.. Travel: Airfare/auto rental/gas, hotel, registration, food

Equipment & supplies

Donation Options

Checks can be made out to “Kulsoom Abdullah” and sent to:

Kulsoom Abdullah

c/o Crossfit Atlanta

1483-A Chattahoochee Ave NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

Amazon Payment: (The button does not consistently work. Contact me, and I can manually send you an email with a payment request, thank you)



Past sponsors:

The following donated to my trip to the American Open 2011
  • Loren Williams, from Decatur, Georgia, USA donated $25

The following donated to my World Weightlifting Championships Nov 5-11th 2011

The World Weightlifting Championships Nov 5-11th 2011, was in Paris, France.  I received donations from the Toronto, Canada community that completely covered my trip expenses, such as airfare, hotel, food, transportation, competition clothing needs.  I greatly appreciated the support and well wishes.  I would not have expected that grass roots efforts would gotten me there.

IFT – Islamic Foundation of Toronto
$5000 was donated by the IFT on behalf of the community.  I was invited to their 2011 Annual Appreciation Dinner October 16, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  They gave me the honor of speaking to the attendees.  Everyone was very welcoming, encouraging and supportive of my efforts.  After only meeting me once, they all have generously donated to my competition efforts.  I greatly appreciated this help.

Team Mushtaq Sayed “Realtors with a Personal Touch”
Office: 416-298-6000
Cell: 416-994-8786 Direct: 416-849-3497
Mushtaq Sayed & his family donated $500.  They spoke to me at the banquet, were very supportive and kind.
301-1825 Markham Road
Scarborough, ONM1B 4Z9

The following donated to my Senior USA Weightlifting Nationals competition (July 15, 2011)