*This Video will not play on MOBILE phones, here is an alternative video link: http://youtu.be/FCPDqrddiHY
Future videos will not have this issue, as I have identified the problem with Youtube.*

I am continuing with volume training, more days a week, but less reps on each day. I have hit a few PRs, and have made some comeback PRs on my lifts. My video shows some of the PRs (personal records) I have hit, plus some other lifts I am training with.

November: A 60 Kg Power Clean was a PR (personal record), PR for Power clean from the hang position with 60kg, a comeback PR of 70kg Front Squat for 3 reps, and 3 single 60kg split jerk from the blocks. December 3: I matched my PR from over one year ago at 47kg. I attempted 49kg, I was close, but hopefully another time I make that plus more. I also hit a Muscle Snatch PR at 35KG. December 9: 105KG PR on an exercise called a lockout, Top Presses with 60kg, these are assistance, overloading exercises to help with the split jerk.

I have used a variety of music and iMovie editing functions for entertainment. Same disclaimer, I don’t do everything correctly, so don’t use this video as a learning guide. I am improving and learning, and the purpose of the video is to show my progress and have some fun! Check my blog and/or Youtube for past videos.

Ivanhoe Broadcast News
This news package was filmed this past March 2012 by Ivanhoe Broadcast News so a few of the facts are old (such as representing Pakistan).  Video embedded below (and also on their Youtube link)

Southern Open Weightlifting Competition

Saturday, January 12, 2012

CHANGE IN PLANS! I am not going to compete.  I hope to be able to at another open local competition being held in February.

I am planning on competing and attending the Southern Open in Newnan, Georgia. The competition is open to all levels and ages. This will be my first competition since April 2012 which was the Asian Weightlifting Championships. This will be good chance for me to compete again, as it is only located about 35 minutes away from where I live, so no major travel costs and logistics involved. Hopefully I will hit some competition PRs. Here is the address because that is where all the cool people will be and you should be too (even if you aren’t cool)!

Lorreta County Recreation Department
39 Hospital Road
Newnan, GA 30263