*For those in countries where Youtube is banned, I have the video uploaded on my Facebook page here.*

Its been almost 3 months since I put together a training video, and due to the delay, this will be a montage of clips from December 2012 till February 2013 with major editing, such as my rests in between repetitions. I am still working on technique, building confidence and as usual, fighting the demons! There are two PRs (personal records) in this video. Usual disclaimer: this is not intended to be an instructional video.

I am using only Pashto (my mother tongue) music in this video. These are the songs that appear (Lyrics and/or translations included in the Youtube video links):

    1. Za Sta Pashan Na Yam (translation: I AM NOT LIKE YOU!) by Naseer & Shahab
    2. Bibi Shireen by Zeek Afridi
    3. Za Pukhtoon Yam (translation: I am Pukhtoon [Pashtoon]) – by Naseer & Shahab – Awesome video here on Youtube & Facebook – This is Naseer & Shahab’s Facebook fan page

Thanks to both those who had the patience to record my training and those who watch the video.


I hope to compete at a local open competition soon as I have not competed since April 2012. I will write another post when the date is announced.  As for other competitions, I have updated my Support/Sponsorship section, and that explains my situation and needs going forward.


Azizah Magazine

I was featured in the Azizah Magazine article: FIT and FABULOUS at Any Age 🙂

Another video –  Coffee’s Complex

My attempt at Coffee’s complex at Coffee’s Gym : 5 power snatch, 5 overhead squats, 5 power cleans, 5 push jerks, 10 back squats, 10 Romanian Deadlift. Programmed by John Coffee, the idea is to limit the Olympic lifts to 5 reps only, but still do a workout that gets your heart rate up over a longer period of time. In spite of this not being for time, I was still on the floor after 1 set & didn’t realize till the end my attempt was filmed 🙂 I used 25kg then 30kg for the power cleans & remainder of exercises.

More news soon (will be posted in less than 3 months this time)