This will be a record for the shortest interval between a previous blog post and a current one, that is, this one is less than one month after my previous blog entry.

Crossfit Media Interview:

I was prompted to write this post because the Crossfit Media interview by Michael Koslap @ I mentioned in my World Weightlifting trip blog post, is now up! The interview was the morning I trained, the day I was leaving for Worlds, November 3, 2011. Here are some of the “behind the scenes” pictures and link to the album, at Crossfit Atlanta.

03-Nov-2011 12:02, Canon Canon EOS 60D, 2.8, 17.0mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 200
03-Nov-2011 11:58, Canon Canon EOS 60D, 2.8, 17.0mm, 0.025 sec, ISO 320
03-Nov-2011 12:01, Canon Canon EOS 60D, 2.8, 17.0mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 160

Full album is here

Currently, the video is linked on today’s (December 27, 2011) mainsite entry, and is here at the Crossfit Journal:

It is a pretty awesome video. Thanks Mike 🙂

I uploaded it to my Youtube Channel:

The highest quality is 720p

Shoulder Rehab:

Unfortunately, my right Teres Minor is strained. I am not exactly sure how it happened, but I believe an accumulation of things, stress, training, overuse, and maybe too much TLC (I was probably not recovering from using the lacrosse ball and massage). I recently completely took 4 days off. I just started again using the empty barbell and 25KG maximum for reps. I hope I can slowly increase the weight as the muscle heals completely. This time I am lowering the amount of self massage on the shoulder, more ice after work outs, and heat/stretch/warming up before training.

Eileen Steil has been helping me.






Chris Alberts, gymmate @ Crossfit Atlanta is my chiropractor

Gym member Brad Mill’s friend, Marielena Olivia Gomez (massage therapist) visiting from Brooklyn, New York, enroute to see her mother in Florida, helped me when she visited Crossfit Atlanta.

Brian Fox explained how I could target and stretch the area.


Snatch: Working on bringing in the bar off the ground, I tend to not bring it in completely (holding correct positions), start the second pull early, or try to pick up the bar too fast off the ground in the first pull (when the weight gets heavier). Some other things I tend to do is pull really high but start “pulling” under the bar late. That is, I can keep pulling, but I can also start getting under earlier. Also, keeping the bar close, not letting it go forward, or “looping.” This is starting to become more consistent.

Cleans are my best lift. For split jerks, I really want to be more consistent with speed under the bar, getting the bar into the ideal position, rather than my tendency for the bar to go forward or be forward. These are issues that causes my press-outs. We have broken down all aspects of the movement and am trying to nail this for lighter weights and slowly increasing my attempts.

Because of my shoulder issue, I have been having to take mainly light weights, but I am hopeful for a quick recovery so I can start pushing the weights again.  Hopefully my next post will show some videos, before and after, outlining the issues being addressed.