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From, added On July 18, 2012
Olympic fashion changes are now paving the way for athletes to compete who could not based on their beliefs. I was interviewed at my gym and had some of my lifts filmed for this piece. Here is my blog post about it which includes “behind the scenes” pictures.


This news package was filmed this past March 2012 by Ivanhoe Broadcast News. The video is now uploaded on their Youtube channel.


This is the second video on the Crossfit Journal from the Crossfit Media interview by Michael Koslap @ The video is linked on the January 26, 2012 mainsite entry (, and is here at the Crossfit Journal:

Crossfit Media interview by Michael Koslap @ that I mentioned in my World Weightlifting trip blog post. The interview was the morning I trained, the day I was leaving for Worlds, November 3, 2011.

The video is linked on December 27, 2011 mainsite entry, and is here at the Crossfit Journal:

Coverage of the Eid Ul Fitr reception by Rumaisa Rahman at RU Entertainment.  Held at the US State Department this past Sept, 2011 hosted by Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton in Washington DC.  Muslim athletes were highlighted at the event, I was interviewed and covered in this video.

8/18/2011 – VOA Urdu service, report by Ayesha Khalid. Aired on Geo News in Pakistan on 8/18/2011.  This is in Urdu.  Click here for the same video with English subtitles.


7/2011 Voice of America report by Tala Hadavi, in Farsi. Fast forward to minute 5:00 for my story


6/30/11 –  link to a report and video MSNBC
“After a hard-fought battle in the name of her faith, Muslim weightlifter Kulsoom Abdullah is now able to compete without violating her religious beliefs. Abdullah discusses her victory with msnbc’s Thomas Roberts.”


Voice of America Middle East – reporter Lolla Nur
To read the story, click here:

6/10/11 – WSB Tv Video and article here:

8/2011 Atlet yang Terjegal Karena Jilbab, WSB Atlanta news video clip with Indonesian voice over
original link here: