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Training Videos Explained

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Training Videos Explained

My Youtube Channel, is where I keep all website videos (Competition, Training, Press, etc).

This menu section contains all posts of my Training videos from newest to oldest.

The ones below in this post are older videos I initially put up when I first put this website together June 2011.  Time flies!:

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Ramadan 1434 AH/2013

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Ramadan 1434 AH/2013

Training and June/July 2013 Training Video with music by Khumariyaan

My Ramadan Resources

Resources from Fit Muslimah & Amna AlHaddad

Resources from Stumptuous and BreakingMuscle

General articles for female athletes

Ramadan Embaraksha! (or Ramadan Mubarak/Kareem/Happy)

I wanted to wish everyone a blessed Ramadan. In this post, I have links to some resources, and information that I hope will help.  I always like to post photo-journalist photos, here are Photos of Ramadan 2013 – from The Atlantic, and something humorous 20 Memes to Get You Through Ramadan This Year.


I have changed my training this year, going down to 4 days a week maximum for training. For Ramadan, I might do 3, or see how I feel and what my schedule allows. I will go with lighter reps unless I feel OK going for heavier rep attempts. I will start working out before iftar (fast break/ sunset), but I will be able to break fast/Maghrib then finish the rest of my work out.

As I am working towards finding a full time job (see more on my research projects here) and need to focus on other aspects of my life, I am not spending as much time and resources on weightlifting during 2011 and 2012. I still like to train, and I will compete when and where I can.

Here is a video I put together. I continue using video to help my training, so I have a compilation of clips from June till now. My training has changed a little bit. Travis Cooper, over with Team Muscle Driver USA in South Carolina, is writing my training programming and I am still working out at Coffee’s Gym and getting feedback there too.

Here is a link to the video on Youtube. For those with Youtube bans, here it is from Facebook:

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March 2013 Training & Competition + other news

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March 2013 Training & Competition + other news

Nowruz Mobarak!  نوروز مبارك (Happy Persian New Year)

New short training video compilation (3 minutes), I decided on a Farsi songs for the background.

  1. Man Amadeam من آمده ام by Googoosh گوگوش , an older song 
  2. Joone Khodet (Dokhtar Irooni) by Black Cats – بلک کتس – جون خودت a newer song.

The same video on VIMEO here (in case you can’t access by Youtube) I made some errors on the labeling for the sequence of Cleans, they are 60kg (132 lbs), 61kg (134 lbs), 62kg (136 lbs) and 63kg (138.9 lbs )

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Dec/Jan/Feb 2013 Training Videos & a few updates

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*For those in countries where Youtube is banned, I have the video uploaded on my Facebook page here.*

Its been almost 3 months since I put together a training video, and due to the delay, this will be a montage of clips from December 2012 till February 2013 with major editing, such as my rests in between repetitions. I am still working on technique, building confidence and as usual, fighting the demons! There are two PRs (personal records) in this video. Usual disclaimer: this is not intended to be an instructional video.

I am using only Pashto (my mother tongue) music in this video. These are the songs that appear (Lyrics and/or translations included in the Youtube video links):

  1. Za Sta Pashan Na Yam (translation: I AM NOT LIKE YOU!) by Naseer & Shahab
  2. Bibi Shireen by Zeek Afridi
  3. Za Pukhtoon Yam (translation: I am Pukhtoon [Pashtoon]) – by Naseer & Shahab – Awesome video here on Youtube & Facebook – This is Naseer & Shahab’s Facebook fan page
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November/December Training Video & Updates

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*This Video will not play on MOBILE phones, here is an alternative video link:
Future videos will not have this issue, as I have identified the problem with Youtube.*

I am continuing with volume training, more days a week, but less reps on each day. I have hit a few PRs, and have made some comeback PRs on my lifts. My video shows some of the PRs (personal records) I have hit, plus some other lifts I am training with.

November: A 60 Kg Power Clean was a PR (personal record), PR for Power clean from the hang position with 60kg, a comeback PR of 70kg Front Squat for 3 reps, and 3 single 60kg split jerk from the blocks. December 3: I matched my PR from over one year ago at 47kg. I attempted 49kg, I was close, but hopefully another time I make that plus more. I also hit a Muscle Snatch PR at 35KG. December 9: 105KG PR on an exercise called a lockout, Top Presses with 60kg, these are assistance, overloading exercises to help with the split jerk.

I have used a variety of music and iMovie editing functions for entertainment. Same disclaimer, I don’t do everything correctly, so don’t use this video as a learning guide. I am improving and learning, and the purpose of the video is to show my progress and have some fun! Check my blog and/or Youtube for past videos.

Ivanhoe Broadcast News
This news package was filmed this past March 2012 by Ivanhoe Broadcast News so a few of the facts are old (such as representing Pakistan).  Video embedded below (and also on their Youtube link)

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October 2012 Training Video Compilation part 2

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I have put together a second video of training clips with background music again (Youtube link).   I had to re-upload the video due to music copyright issues and restrictions on playback, so now it sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks.  It has one PR (personal record)! I am still focusing on technique, strength and volume. I am hopeful that things are starting to click again on my weaknesses.

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Training Summary & Video October 2012

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Summary of my training is at the bottom of this post. The video below contains video clips of some of the exercises I am doing in training now (Sept/Oct 2012). I started on a high volume strength cycle/program during Ramadan and have continued until now. It is also focused on weaknesses in my technique. I will (hopefully) take and add more videos to my Youtube Channel, and either in this blog post or in new ones. I am making dua that the future videos are going to be of me making PRs!

Some of the exercises shown in the video are:

  • Power & Muscle snatch from the hang
  • Deadlift, Snatch and Clean grip, from the middle blocks
  • Clean from the blocks
  • Shoulder Press
  • Deadlift Cleans (fast)
  • Lockouts

Disclaimer, do not use this as a guide, I do not do everything 100% correctly. You can look up other websites for videos on training exercises for learning purposes.

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