1st Pakistan Women’s National Weightlifting Championships & War Eagle Open competitions

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1st Pakistan Women’s National Weightlifting Championships & War Eagle Open competitions

War Eagle Open March 23, 2013

I have not competed for about 1 year, since Korea April 2012, where I represented Pakistan in the Asian Weightlifting Championships. I also learned about today’s competition only a few days ago, so my training cycle was not programmed for this. I also decided not to compete as a 53kg. I decided to move up from a 48kg to 53kg the end of last summer 2012. My current weight is 54kg, and only having a few days to reduce my salt intake (basically dealing with my water retention issues), start better water drinking habits, deal with weight of my training clothes and the weigh in, I decided to not deal with any of it and just go suck it up and compete as a 58kg!

It has been a while in my training since I started hitting 45kg+ in the Snatch again. It has been a slow road to get my confidence back, while increasing the volume & weight of my training. I wanted to make higher weights for the Clean and Jerk as well, but God willing at the next competition.

My result: Snatch 42kg (successful – did not get this one on video), 45kg (missed), 45kg (missed) Clean and Jerk: 53kg (Successful), 56kg (press out on the jerk), 56kg (successful) Total Score: 98kg (216 lb)

The same video here on my Facebook page (for those who can not access Youtube)

Another local meet is being held at the end of April 2013 in the same city 1 hour driving distance from my house, so I hope to try again there.

Inaugural Pakistan Women’s National Weightlifting Championships March 23, 2013

In very exciting news, the Pakistan Weightlifting Federation held their first Women’s weightlifting Championships in Lahore, Pakistan! Mubarak (Congratulations) to all of the ladies who competed! I wish I could have been there in person. You might recognize the person on the wall behind the platform 😉 I couldn’t believe it when I saw, I feel extremely honored! I am happy that women have started competing there, and I hope the participation continues to grow and move forward. Keep a look out for more media from the competition and other updates in this regard.  Below are embedded pictures from the album on their Facebook page.

From 1st NATIONAL WOMAN WEIGHTLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIP 2013, posted by Pakistan Weightlifting Federation on 3/23/2013 (197 items)

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  1. very very nice congretulation all members

  2. Really nice to see this! May I make a comment about your lifting? Bear in mind I am not a weight lifter (yet!), but I do practice some martial arts. Would you have more balance, and therefore more leverage, if your feet were straighter and more under your shoulders? My experiance with weight is moving it, not lifting it over my head, so I’m probably off base here, but I was curious if changing stance would apply to weight lifting.

  3. Elizabeth, are you talking about how my feet, in the initial stance picking the bar off the floor, are at about 45 degree angles? or in the catch for the snatch or clean?

    • Sorry about taking so long to reply, I lost my internet for a day. Mostly I was curious about how your feet are placed while actually getting the weight up over your head. I’m not too familiar with weightlifting terms so I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth here! : ) It would seem to me, based on what I’m familiar with, that a stance that was more under the shoulders and “square” in appearance, might help. Like I said before, my experiance is limited to moving weight in a defensive manner while practising martial arts, and also moving a horse around while riding it. I have no experiance in lifting a lot of weight up over my head, so I don’t know what’s needed to maintain your balance while doing that.

  4. Oh wow they used your picture! What weight are they lifting? Hopefully one day you can meet the team. It’s very encouraging to see this sport welcomed for women in Pakistan.

    • I know, I had to do a double take and realized that was my picture on the poster on the wall. It is a picture of me at the 2012 Asian Weightlifting Championships.

      I hope I get to go and meet the ladies one day! The weights they lifted are varied, the competitions are divided into weight class. I am pasting the winner results below:

      1st National Women Weightlifting Championship 2013
      March 23, 2013



      Name Unit Body Weight Weight Lifted Position

      Kirin Shahzadi Army 46.50 36 I
      Noor-ul-Huda Punjab 45.84 28 II
      Saima Manzoor Wapda 44.44 27 III


      Name Unit Body Weight Weight Lifted Position

      Samina Ghafoor Wapda 52.74 50 I
      Naila Suleman Railway 51.58 25 II


      Name Unit Body Weight Weight Lifted Position

      Neelam Riaz Wapda 57.52 45 I
      Amna Muneer Army 56.58 40 II
      Dania K.P.K. 58.00 32 III


      Name Unit Body Weight Weight Lifted Position

      Sumaira Tayyaba Wapda 59.36 52 I
      Hina Nazir Army 61.52 40 II
      Riffat Naz Balouchistan 63.00 32 III


      Name Unit Body Weight Weight Lifted Position

      Nadia Maqsood Railway 64.70 42 I
      Razia Army 65.08 41 II
      Rabbia Razaq Punjab 65.59 36 III


      Name Unit Body Weight Weight Lifted Position

      Saira Bano Wapda 72.74 55 I
      Razia Parveen Wapda 75.00 47 II
      Sabiha Army 69.50 45 III


      Name Unit Body Weight Weight Lifted Position

      Zeenat Parveen Wapda 104.12 70 I
      Saira Army 91.70 47 II
      Kanwal Shazia Butt Punjab 88.36 46 III


      WAPDA I
      ARMY II

      (Hafiz Imran Butt)