Invitation to the State Department Eid ul Fitr reception Sept. 13, 2012

Article in The Friday Times (Pakistan newspaper)

MPA Event in Houston, Texas, Thursday, September 20, 2012

American Open Weightlifting Championships 2012


State Department Eid ul Fitr reception Sept. 13, 2012, Thursday evening:

I have been invited a second time to the Eid ul Fitr reception hosted by the The Secretary of State at the Department of State in Washington D.C.. Last year was the first time I was invited and I had the honor of being one of the speakers. After consulting with friends and family, I knew I had to go again this year. This time, I get to crash with my sister Shabana, who now lives in the area and works at BLH Technologies, Inc. We are planning to take Amani and Zalan (my niece and nephew) to the National Zoo. Hopefully other places if we have time, and for food, a place I have been told that is great and serves grass-fed zabihah/halal burgers:

Elevation Burgers


In my usual manner, I will take a lot of pictures and some video during the trip, then share them on the website and my Facebook page.

The Friday Times article (Pakistan newspaper):

Published in the Pakistan newspaper The Friday Times. I was interviewed by Sonya Rehman, a Fullbright scholar living in Lahore, Pakistan. The unedited version is on her blog: She is a Fullbright scholar, and used that scholarship to attend Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism with an MS in Print Journalism.

MPA Event in Houston, Texas, Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Muslim Professional Association (MPA) in Houston, Texas invited me to speak at an event September 20, 2012, Thursday, 6pm. More information about the event is here:

American Open Weightlifting Championships 2012:

I might not be able to compete and attend the 2012 American Open even if I qualify and get sponsored, because of a family event that might be that day, Dec 1, 2012, which is not confirmed yet. I can at least have a goal of qualifying for the USA Nationals next year, 2013, if I can not attend the Open.

Thanks to all for the support and encouragement. Till next time, salaam.